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How to Listen

At the top of any page on, simply click the play button (the small triangle) next to the words "Listen Live | Now Playing," as pictured below.

You may need to wait a moment to let the stream buffer before the music begins.

Listen with a Smart Speaker

Want to listen to Prime8Radio on your smart speaker? Find out more here.

Listen via a Media Player

Maybe you like to listen to Prime8Radio in iTunes, Windows Media Player, or another media player. If so, please enter this URL into the player of your choice:

If you need help, please review these instructions.

Register to Chat

Register to chat

  1. Click or tap menu icon on the top right of your screen (3 lines icon)
  2. Click Listen Live
  3. Enter your desired nickname & click save.
  4. Scroll down to chat area text box (says type your message here)
  5. Click the COG (gear) icon, third one to the right (smiley, sound, gear, menu)
  6. Click SIGN UP
  7. Enter desired username & click next
  8. Enter email in both boxes & click next
  9. Enter a password & click next
  10. Final step - click green register icon.

Make sure that your cookies are able to be set in your browser. If you use private browsing mode, then the chat won't remember you. You must also ensure that you are allowing third-party cookies. To ensure they are enabled go here . If disabled, the chat will send an automated message to them with a link they can click to login instantly, but enabling third-party cookies will save a step. 

Report a Problem

If you have any difficulty, please contact us at

If you’re reporting the stream is not starting, please email us the answers to the following questions.

1) What browser are you using? (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari)
2) What version is that browser?
3) Are you on a home or work network?