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Andrew Mortimer is cmdr. Cut from the height of Pittsburgh’s warehouse Rave scene the vinyl dropping Hard House smashing Cobra Commandy was born. The moniker Cobra Commandy is a culture-jamming-mash-up of our our beloved villain Cobra Commander, of GI Joe and our beloved DJ Andy Mortimer. He debuted in Pittsburgh, Pa at the 420 Got A Minute? Rave at club Level, thrown but Stargaze Producitons in 1999. As the Rave scene changed he transitioned into DJing into the local Underground House and Techno club nights in the South Side and Strip District that kept the city’s underground scene going, along with playing other underground events around the Tri-State Area, from Digital Goodtime and The Kid That Wears The Crown (TKTWTC). Circa 2k9 Cobra Commandy took hiatus to finish university and started a family. In 2016 a more matured and different person arose, Cobra Commandy was hung up and cmdr stepped out into the scene. Not knowing the climate of the local scene, he hit the ground running. Looking for that warehouse sound he had “deep down inside.” He found that Pittsburgh had a healthy Bass Culture,He played events with crews such as 1337 Productions, Bassburgh, and 2 Step Tuesday. He respected those crews and communities but it wasn’t what he was looking for entirely. With deep ties to the Pittsburgh Cleveland Rave Scene and that warehouse sound, he set out to curate his own monthly. He founded Shake, named after a party from the 90s era and his intent to have everyone shaken’ they ass on the dance floor. Shake hosted a multitude of guests, which was a mix of getting new faces in Pittsburgh in the mix as hosting classic favorites. His guest list included names such as: LincolnHaukDJ, 7UP, C Strong, Mike V, 2 G’s, Justin Sheppard, Koop, Mike V, Jawa, Jimmm, Naoko, Product 19, Colin Pierce, Hana and Clevr (Da/Na), Brad Thomas (Elysium), Mr. Stitch, Eric Justin, Nice Nate, Stacey “Hotwaxx” Hale, and Dissolv DJs. During this time cmdr played other area events along; notably with Walter Wadsworth’s Basic Blends, Flux Capacitor as well as opening for Dirtybird’s Ardalan.